If I was asked to introduce you to the owner of this business, I would say something like this: Just about all the people that contact me to inquire and order from my web site, angelossmokehouse.com, always tell me how much they enjoyed going through it and they often comment how well it is done.

I like to share with you my thoughts about this personal friend of mine responsible for the great work you see every time you go to angelossmokehouse.com. What you will see, is the difference between a single individual, who not only knows what he is doing but, also that he cares about each customer. As a sole proprietor, he will answer your questions, and attend to your need for any additions or changes as soon as he picks up the phone.

All these privileges are not available when we deal with a big company in which it is difficult to have a conversation with the same person. More often than not, each time you call, you have to re-acquaint a new person to your business or problem. Not so here.

If you have a business, an idea, big or small, and would like to let the rest of the world know about it, believe me, here is the best person who can do for you, the same as he did for me.

And, I might add, at a very reasonable fee.

- Angelo Ibleto

"Dalla mia cucina alla vostra tavola, con un pizzico di amore" -

(from my kitchen to your table, with a pinch of love)






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