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A Special "Thank You"

to Satisfied Clientel of the past 45 years:

Former President George H.W. and Barbara Bush, Kennebunkport, ME

Sally Edwards Haas,

Sharon Wynne, XAM Online, Melrose, MA

The Women In Military Memorial Foundation, Arlington, VA

Donna Houle, McLean, VA

Jan and Linda VanTassell, Sarasota, FL

William Meeker, Joplin, MO

Barbara Hellen Hart, Sarasota, FL

Ken Altenbach, Danville, PA

Robert Millet, Scottsdale, AZ

Phil Grenier, Sanford, ME

Steve Cochran, Chicago. IL

Richard Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

James Cryan, Burlington, NJ

Frank and Joan Chiodo, Naples, FL

Anita Fletcher, Irasberg, VT

Mike and Kathy Hurm, Arapahoe, NC

Gilda Butler, Tampa, FL

Sheri Goshen, McLean, VA

Susan Heifner, Cookville, TN

Jeff Hall, Minnetonka, MN

Tricia and Ryan Lane, Sanford, ME

LeVincent Nealy, Fort Worth, TX

Kevin Marley, Renton, VA

Fergal O’Hagan, CoArmagh, Northern Ireland

Dawn Peterson, Lansing, MI

Lee White,  Renton, WA

Richard Smith, Springvale, ME

Sandi Waller, Lapeer, MI

Florim Bajraktari, Amonk, NY

Raymond Burr, Actor, Geyserville, CA

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

Alexander Valley Fruit & Trading Company, Healdsburg, CA

In Vivo Metic, Petaluma, CA

People's Music, Santa Rosa, CA

Ritz Foods, San Francisco, CA

Cardinal Newman High School, Santa Rosa, CA

Round Table Owner's Association, Santa Rosa, CA

Activaid, Petaluma, CA

Gillís Lock and Key, Petaluma. CA

Wine Country Film Festival, Petaluma, CA

Santa Rosa and San Rafael Kiwanis Clubs, Santa Rosa, CA

Ian Allison, Santa Rosa, CA

Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA

Preston Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA

Northern California Deli Association, Santa Rosa, CA

William Bell and Associates, Santa Rosa, CA

Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee, Santa Rosa, CA

La Province Restaurant, Santa Rosa, CA

Market Grocery Wholesale, Company, Santa Rosa, CA

Demple Farming, Sebastopol, CA

Fred Buss Wooden Boxes, Healdsburg, CA

U.S.O., Washington, D.C.

Furman Sound, Greenbrae, CA

ARCS Mortgage, Santa Rosa, CA

Belevedere Winery, Healdsburg, CA

Peacock Hill Vineyards, Forestville, CA

Mark West Vineyards, Guerneville, CA

Guerneville Chevron, Guerneville, CA

King Salmon Fishing Tours, King Salmon, CA

G & G Supermarket, Santa Rosa, CA

Jonathan Sarno, Filmmaker, Hollywood, CA

Dancing Dragons Design, Arcata, CA

Redwood Empire Model Trains Association, Santa Rosa, CA

The Local Fish Company, Eureka, CA

Dr. Ross and the Hellhounds, Eureka, CA

Foggs Restaurant, Eureka, CA

Eureka California Historical Association, Eureka, CA

Pacific Poultry Breeders Association, Eureka, CA

International Business Consulting, Woodbury, CT

Development II, Woodbury, CT

The Wysong Corporation, Midland, MI

The Covered Wagon Restaurant, Arlington, VA

Matsuba, Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD

The Government of Cape Verde, West Africa

Chez Bella Restaurant, Cape Verde, West Africa

A.B.M. & Partners, LDA, Cape Verde, West Africa

African American Querrisquerra, Cape Verde, West Africa

Souvenirs de Africa, Cape Verde, West Africa

Orlando Sanches of Pedra Badejo, Cape Verde, West Africa

Escola Technica do Caboverde, Cape Verde, West Africa

Escola Secondario do Pedro Gomes, Cape Verde, West Africa

Lopes & Lopes Grogue dí Cana, Cape Verde, West Africa

Apache Campground, Sanford, ME

Dermalogix, Scarborough, ME

Fi Wood Restaurant, Sanford, ME

Sweets Pet Supply, Kennebunk, ME

Cybelle's Restaurant, Portland, ME

Vicky Gelinas, Saco, ME

Mary Jane Elia, Middletown, NY

Jonathan Cooper, Violin Maker, Portland, ME

David Grace, Providence, RI

My apologies to anyone not listed. I started illustrating at age 15 and cannot remember everyone who has one of my originals.

Many of those not listed are featured elsewhere on this web site.



updated January 2017

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