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Butterflies and Beyond

by Marilyn F. Struthers

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There is no greater thrill for an Artist than to see the expression on the face of a patron who sees, for the very first time, the result of their labor. There are no words to describe the emotion I feel while observing that event, especially when that patron is pleased beyond their expectations.

Unfortunately for me, these days, I rarely get to see the faces of my authors when they receive the color proofs of their newly published book of which I had some small part in bringing to the public eye.

This is one such occasion. What makes this a special one for me is that two of the main characters, Andrew and Timothy, knew nothing of "Grammie's project, did not know that they were being illustrated, and that they would soon become illustrated characters in a book. These faces, I would have loved to see at the unveiling.

Attending this event were the author, her husband Dan, her daughter Sandy, grandsons Timothy and Andrew, and CAPT Bryan Walker, US Army Chaplain, who's testimonial appears on the back cover of Butterflies and Beyond.


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