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My book written under my Nom-du Plume, has been edited, and combined with "No Longer Painting on Sunday at Walker's Point" and "Painting on Sunday in West (by Gud) Vorginia".

It's available in print here and as an eBook here.

My apologies to all of you who own the three book set, but "time heals all wounds" and so does the editing process. Besides, by all accounts, it's a much better book now. I hope you enjoy reading this final compilation of the adventures of four friends.

Walker's Point Sunrise

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Danc'n to the Bosun's Whistle is romantic Naval adventure whereby a new recruit learns not only the workings and logistics of guided missile destroyers but also the four tenements of liberty call - wind, water, whiskey, and women. Anyone who has served on or under the sea will not only appreciate this adventure but will also reminisce of their own tours of duty while reading this, at times, very funny book.


My very latest children's book illustrations and accolades



"Charlie in Fraction City" is a read-aloud story as well as an instructional tool to be used as a curriculum companion. The book's lessons directly adhere to common core and state learning standards. Additionally, the story allows parents and teachers alike to map the mathematical journey readers take as their understanding of fractional concepts progresses. The story's end features a Math MileMarkers question that helps readers apply their new math skills in a relevant, real-life manner.



4 STAR Rating from Readers’ Favorite

This book teaches important lessons for young children. It fosters imaginative play – using stuffed animals as main characters in a tale are certainly a creative way to play with these favorite toys. There is a sense of cooperation as each girl builds on the ideas of the other. Likewise, the animals also show cooperation, helpfulness, and caring towards each other. The unlikeliness of a squirrel, a seal, a rabbit, a kangaroo and a hippopotamus may cultivate a sense of acceptance of people from different cultures and backgrounds. A lovely feature of Rick Bivins’ “What’s an Adventure without Milk and Cookies” is the delightful illustrations. It is easy to imagine young children looking at these detailed drawings over and over again. A sweet children’s book!


I illustrated all 120 pages



Latest children's book illustrations

I am proud to introduce my first Non-Fiction novel

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And my first Children's book

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Simba looking at her portrait

Zoe and Lincoln


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My Latest Painting for the American Odd Fellowship



me painting at Walker's Point

Seascape at Night 2012

40' x 40' Acrylic on Canvas

SOLD... thank you!

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The two books, which follow, I am especially proud to have been of some assistance.

rahesl's book

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