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Painting On Location

at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport, Maine.


If you'd rather watch a movie of Walker's Point, click here

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36" x 48" Oil Owned by Former President George H. W. Bush ('41)


18" x 28" Oil Pastel to be on permanent display, along with four others, and this bookmark, using one of my illustrations

at the George and Barbara Bush Cultural Center at the University of New England, in Biddeford, Maine.


A Professional Photographer, Gayle Reeves took these shots of me painting.


Every once in a while, I meet children, who wish to purchase one of my paintings, but haven't got the necessary funds. I usually solve that problem by asking them to do household chores for a month, while their parents accept their promise to do so. These two girls had that dilemna, and made their committment.

In this case, however, the painting they wanted displayed the Bush Compound with a boy and a girl in repose. While they left to "raid their piggybank", I portrayed them as the main characters of the painting.


16" x 20" Acrylic of the area. This is the very first painting purchased by Xavier Leclair. I am honored that it was mine.


Front Cover

Back Cover

Two of 18" x 28" Oil Pastels used for my book, published under my nom du plume.

Paintings Available in 2011

Oil pastel 40" x 30"


Oil pastel 40" x 30" $5,000.


Oil pastel 40" x 30"





Three of the many illustrations I painted while "Painting on Sunday at Walker's Point".

10" x 12" oil pastel

24" x 10" water color

28" x 36 " oil


Paintings purchased prior to 2009

24" x 30" Graphite sketch of the actual location before the ice storm of 2009.


26" x 28" Acrylic of the Residence prior to the aforementioned ice storm, recreated,

and used as the back cover (see above) for my book, Painting on Sunday at Walker's Point.


Completed during the summer of 2010.

Top left to bottom right... 12" x 16" Acrylic, 18" x 20" watercolor, 24" x 12" graphite, 16" x 18" graphite, 24" x 18" oil.

All of these have been purchased.


updated Sept. 2017

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